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I'd Rather Be Thin Than Famous


Joe Buck, son of famous baseball announcer Jack Buck, has a new show on HBO called “Joe Buck Live.”
First off, Joe Buck is a gigantic pussy. In fact, JoeBuckisaPussy.com should be up and running soon. He is the horribly offended announcer who went on and on about how Randy Moss is the most disgusting man alive for rubbing his butt against the goal post after scoring a TD.

Artie Lange son of, Artie Lange’s dad is a hack from Howard Stern’s radio crew of unfunny losers.

Joe Buck admits afterwards that he and HBO producers told Artie Lange to “come after” Joe Buck to spice things up a bit.

He does.

Insert major “controversy” here.

Here’s the thing nobody mentions… the show is AWFUL. Joe Buck is horrid and he set a new low for terrible boring “sports talk” TV.

Anyone who thinks this “controversy” wasn’t planned is asleep at the wheel.

That was as good as “Joe Buck Live” will ever get, I promise you.