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"I" Punched a Girl?



Golf is not a sport.
Pool is not a sport.
Checkers is not a sport.
They are all games.
Boxing, however, is a sport. That does not mean that punching someone is a sport. Particularly if that someone is Perez Hilton, and you are Will.I.Am from the Black Peas. How funny is it that two "men" named "Perez Hilton" & "Will.I.Am" got into a scuffle? On top of that, apparently Perez called Will.I.Am a "fucking faggot."

Wow... first of all, YOUR NAME IS PEREZ HILTON.

Secondly... YOUR NAME IS PEREZ HILTON. And your job is... oh yea, talking shit about other people. How exactly are you qualified for that? So, hmmm, let me see if I got this straight... you talked shit about someone and they punched you? Life is hard Dorothy, errrrrr, I mean Perez, and tehn you cry about it and someone, God only knows who pays you to blog about it.

If you are in serious need of boredom restraint, here is a link to the "beatdown."