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Tonight: Ted & The Cleaner


One show is funny and getting funnier all the time; the other still sucks but provides moments of unintentional humor--Better Off Ted and The Cleaner are back tonight!

On ABC, following some reality-sports bullshit called The Superstars (there are none involved, don't bother), Better Off TedThe Office plus Arrested Development x Halliburton) found its stride after the first few hit-and-miss outings; now's the time to jump in. returns with the first of several previously unaired episodes. The series (think

Later on A&E, Benjamin Bratt's hilariously overwrought The Cleaner (co-starring Benjamin Bratt's hilariously overwrought goatee) kicks off its second season with a topless scene from ... Shirley Jones? With any luck, they'll be hanging out of the frame. The best thing that can be said about The Cleaner: It keeps Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica) employed and on my screen.