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News Flash for the D News


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[image-1] Thanks, Salt Lake Tribune, for recognizing the unique cultural significance of last night's bar crawl by making it one of your front-page stories—and actually crediting City Weekly (on your slide show and page 4 photo, anyway) as sponsor. (Several media accounts omitted our sponsorship of the event altogether.)

Really, I had to pinch myself: Even at midnight, merrymakers lined city streets, bars overflowed with loquacious patrons, and the mood downtown (and, I suspect, uptown) was spirited. And to think, it didn't take an outside event—the Winter Games or a retailers' convention—to trigger the influx of humanity in the greater downtown area. It was our own party people, out and about.

Lessons learned for the next time hell freezes over: Book more buses! Apparently, our six rotating 56-passenger buses were at capacity most of the night—so full, in fact, that some disgruntled patrons had to wait for later buses to take them to their next stop.

Settle each round of drinks with cash. It was a quite the trick to find my server after hearing a bus was waiting outside. By the time I'd settled my bill, the bus was gone.

Visit the outliers. Wonder how many (if any) made it to all 16 bars on our tour? Some city folk take rather perverse pride in not venturing south of 2100 South. But, with club memberships no longer an issue, why not take a walk on the "mild" side? The clubs down south are welcoming and friendly, and tend to be focused on creature comforts. Even the Huka Bar, for all its provocative ads, really just wants to be known for its tasty food and drink ... with a side of exotic huka, of course.

Finally, the point of this posting: The Deseret News. Not one word about the end of "Prohibition" in today's paper. It was a Non Event in their view. That nightlife exists in SLC ... that people populated Main Street, Broadway, West Temple and Pierpont until midnight and beyond ... that there might be some promise for downtown beyond the church's sanitizing rebuild of city center ... not newsworthy? Or maybe they're just waiting for the DUI totals (if there were any) so they can pronounce the adverse societal effects of liberalizing liquor laws.

To all who came out, Salud! To all who stayed home, too bad. And to those who fear an epidemic of post-private club alcoholic psychoses, I say, "Chill!" Let us get it out of our system. A lifetime of repression has been hard on us. There is a norm out there, and we'll someday find it if the lawmakers of Zion will leave well enough alone.