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In The Loop: 7/4/09. Fires, Fish Tossers & Umbrellas Of Coal



Hello to all my drunken friends who made getting a shot at a bar feel like a trip to the DMV this week. We'll start with a look at the 337 Memorial Wall as it looked this past week, before it gets painted over again this weekend.

--- As you're very much aware from all the brightly colored smoke, its the 4th Of July. Or was that yesterday? Remember when holidays were celebrated on the actual holiday and not pushed up one by 90% of the country's workforce? Of course with the usual festivities come idiots who take risks all for the fun of watching shit blow up, and I fully expect to come into my normal job this week to find somewhere in Utah there's at least two mountainside fires. I'm not going to get all Smokey on you about fire safety, environmental problems, damage to homes or any of the other junk you hear this time of year when this topic is brought up. Instead I'll just say that most of the people who cause those fires get busted and pay dearly out of pocket. So to those of you coming back from Wyoming with a package of... "party favors", stay off the damn mountains this weekend. Burnt sagebrush is not a viable alternative to the pollution we already have in the air.

Went walking around the Farmer's Market this morning. As usual they had the fine array of fruits and vegetables, plus a couple of fish tossers... which would take too long to explain, you should just go look at them. Lots of cherries, tasty honey, fresh bread was my favorite. But where oh where is the mushroom dude? I need to skillet some veggies, and I want freshly picked heads to cook. Someone point me in his direction.


On a sad note I myself learned that the Coal Umbrella is now out of its location. I don't get down to Provo very often but when I do I like walking down University Avenue to check out what's going on in the area. I have East Broadway nearby and sometimes take it for granted its there, so its nice to see that there are other places thriving in the same fashion, especially in Provo! But it does disappoint to find this one now gone.

For those of you who never visited the place, take two parts Decades with one part Captain Captain and a dash of Slowtrain... and you get Coal Umbrella. A friendly clothing shop that showcased vinyl pressings and artwork, which made for a nice hub between Muse and Velour along with the now moved out Pennyroyal Cafe. But as I was gearing up to interview the owners I couldn't get a hold of anyone. Neighbors said that business was not going well and they closed up shop, but I later discovered they were illegally evicted. I hope to have an interview with the owners about their new digs and the word on what's happened.

Very disheartening, especially since the local underground culture of Provo is slowly proving there's more down there than RM's and BYU. As a person who loves the area, I calmly plead to our Utah County co-conspirators, keep The Avenue thriving!

Coming up over the next couple weeks from me will be some new concert interviews, Red Rock Brewing, Jordan Halversen, as well as some gaming stuff and we'll chat with a local broadcaster. But last July things had a habit of going haywire so as always we'll see what happens.