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See Ya, Sarah! (or not)



I’m guessing it was David Letterman. Nothing like a naughty late-night skewering of your teenage daughters to show you the folly of your enterprise. Had Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin not been so impetuous in the first place, she might have seen the “Jerry Springerizing” of her family as a potential downside before she climbed aboard McCain’s "dirigible to nowhere."

McCain, older and wiser, might have seen it coming for her, too. But he shares the same blinding impetuous streak, plus a weakness for the ladies--especially one with the sexy librarian thing going and one who espouses good Christian living. Might be votes in that.

But their shared delusion of grandeur came at a price: unrelenting extreme closeups of five kids--named after people, places and things you might encounter while snowmobiling across Alaska -- age 18 and under, unwitting players in a One Tree Hill meets Ice Road Truckers reality show.

But to Palin's credit, on Friday, she said she at least consulted them and let them vote (“It was four yes's and one ‘hell yeah!’”) on her latest round of impetuousness -- that being to vacate the Governor’s Mansion in two weeks. Not to sail off to an ambassadorship in China, as our own Gov. Huntsman is doing (also breaking a few hearts and promises in the process), but to “effect positive change outside government.”


It’s Palin’s MO to move in and out of political offices quickly (usually after setting them on fire, figuratively speaking). No one can accuse her of gathering moss. But I’d be knocked over by a moose nugget if she were actually clearing the decks for a presidential run. For starters, she’d have a lot of esplainin’ to do about bailing on the good people of Alaska. And then there’s her fidgety brood, who deserve more than to wake up to Matt Lauer and a film crew asking them questions in their kitchen.

Somehow, though, I can’t see Palin ceding her celebrity. In her Facebook posting, Palin claims she’s leaving office for a “higher calling.” Sarah's Megalomania Show, instead of coming to an end, may be just getting started. Sorry, kids. Your happy childhood may have to wait.