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Curtis Jensen is on the road with Utah's Eagle Twin and will be reporting his experiences on this blog for your enjoyment. Enjoy.


Days off generally are no good. Oftentimes they are dull, with too much money being spent.


'...And I had so many stalkers there, it was just so fucking annoying.'

I am seated at the end of the table. Tyler was on my left, but he's had enough and has left the dining room.

'... So I went outside, and I told that fucking ice cream truck driver, I told him, 'You should turn that shitty music off, all the kids know when you are here, I am trying to take a fucking nap.'

On my right is a woman that is short and is wearing velor sweat pants with a large, laminate peace sign on one thigh. Later Gentry says that he is pretty sure that she has done porn.

'...And I am in the museum-'

Last night she stormed through the show with Nordstrom's bags on each arm. She asked to leave her bags behind the merch table, but I told her that there was no room.

'- And everyone is fucking crying! I just don't get that, I just don't do that with that kind of stuff.'

I don't have enough money to order anything at the restaurant in which we are all seated around a long table a where I am sitting next to this woman. When I first sat down, she had a camera in her hands, and she straightaway took to explaining its photos, including a washed out in-the-club shot of her friends breasts.

'... I mean, who does that? Who goes into the Holocaust Museum and just starts fucking cryig? How fucking annoying!'


'What the fuck was that?'

'Shit, I don't know.'

All day on the streets have filed by toe-headed men in pale pink and blue shirts, either in same sex pairs or trios, or accompanied by females in very short white shorts or very short technicolor cocktail dresses. The only break in the pattern has been a tall, dark-skinned transvestite with breaths that looked as big and as round and as hard as squashes.

A man, now, right outside the passenger side of the van, is wiping at his forearms and looking up at the sky.

'Oh shit-'

Later tonight are scheduled fireworks at the lake shore. Most of those on the streets seem to be headed in that direction.

'You backed over that piss bottle!'