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LeBron Shames



LeBron James, my poster child for media hype, apparently can’t take being on the other end of the hype machine. LeBron takes the “King James, manchild, next great superstar hall of famer bullshit” without batting an eye. But when some college kid dunks on him… LeBron gets his feelers hurt and turns into the KGB.

Here’s the scoop.

LeBron runs a “skills camp” (hopefully taught by someone with more “skills) and during the camp there is a scrimmage game. During the game, a kid from Xavier University named Jordan Crawford dunked over LeBron with enough bravado fashion, that afterwards, LeBron goes to the Nike table and requests that the camera have the video confiscated, and later destroyed. Are you kidding me? Are you a giant pansy wuss machine? Grow up you fucking baby, someone dunked on you. Big deal. You have dunked on thousands of players. In fact… that’s pretty much where the LeBron hype started, with LeBron the high schooler dunking on other high schoolers.

A baby’s testicles drop around 6 months after they are born. Apparently LeBron’s balls haven’t dropped yet. “King James” might want to get that checked out.