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A Window Into Sam's Life



[image-1] On June 24, Salt Lake book dealer Sam Weller, 88, made his way to the Great Hereafter. The next day, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett joined him there and all hell broke loose. While Weller's passing was well covered in the local media, the nonstop celebrity coverage has kept many distracted. It may be that only now are some of us are realizing what we've lost in Sam Weller.

Especially in light of plans—announced earlier this year by Sam's son Tony and Tony's wife Catherine—to sell the big book store and relocate to a smaller space downtown, it is a tad bittersweet visiting the Main Street store, knowing that time there is fleeting and its founder is now gone. As in any good book, emotions and feelings culminate in the final chapter.

But don't let that keep you away. The store continues to fill with people who love books. And quite simply, there isn't that much time left to bask in Sam's vibes and get lost in a big independent bookstore of a bygone era. They're not going away tomorrow but it could be within the year. Stores like Sam Weller's are becoming a rarity in most cities, so lap it up while you can. Take your kids; let them experience it so they can tell their kids.

If for no other reason, come see the window display to remember the life and times of Sam Weller.

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