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Bedtime With MLP



Whenever the hell the last True TV column ran in City Weekly, I told to catch the season premieres of Eureka (tonight, SyFy) and Entourage (Sunday, HBO)--consider this your reminder. Also this weekend, you've got the finales of doomed network series Eli Stone (Saturday, ABC) and Harper's Island (same night, CBS). I'm not recommending either, just sayin' ...

Mostly, though, I'm looking forward to Monday so I can actively avoid Dance Your Ass Off (Oxygen), the most idiotic and exploitative reality-competition show since The Puppy Bowl, and then seeing what happens next on Showtime's Weeds, a series I'm not at all obsessed with, and not just for Mary-Louise Parker.

Last week, her Nancy pulled a surprise fast one on brother-in-law/potential lover (hey, it's premium cable) Andy, unexpectedly moving in with her drug-lord boyfriend in the final moments instead of fleeing the country with his unborn child. Maybe she really likes him; maybe she'd just rather not be executed--love is weird.

While we're on the topic of my non-obsession with Mary-Louise Parker, seen her new layout in Esquire? The photo at the right is the least risque, so I'll be stopping at Bob Magazine very damn soon. At, you can see MLP reading a bedtime story. What's the significance? Who cares? Get comfy ...