Devious Pop-Up Ads Make Baby Jesus Cry | Buzz Blog
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Devious Pop-Up Ads Make Baby Jesus Cry



Nothing floods my heart with sudden hate and rage like pop-up ads. And ads these days seem to just be getting more and more intrusive.

I’m talking to you JC Penny cockfarts who placed the pop-up ad that opens up when I click on the SlTrib and the Dnews websites today!

What is so devious about this one is that while the ad will disappear after a few moments if you wait, the one that appears at least on the Dnews site actually has like this hidden “close” button in the top right corner. Unless you precisely sniper your mouse on the obscured button, when you click on this button foolishly assuming it will close this ad, it actually opens a larger ad in a new screen.   

This is like ad-rape. Why can’t a pop-up understand that “no” means “no,” honestly. That shit drives me crazy.