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What’s So Great About Baseball?


Sometimes, nothing. Sometimes everything. Rarely, very rarely one thing is incredible. The no hitter. When a pitcher faces the entire 9 innings of batters from the opposing team, a minimum of 27 batters, and none of them… not one, gets a hit. In MLB history, there have been 220 no hitters thrown since 1900. This one was special. Giants pitcher Jonathan Sanchez was sent to the bullpen a week ago because he was pitching so poorly. Last week, he was the rumor of trade talks with a lousy record and an even worse earned run average. He is out of the pitching rotation, meaning he doesn’t get to start a game. Last Tuesday, Giants pitcher Randy Johnson, who is in the regular rotation gets hurt. Instead of trading Sanchez, they slot him to pitch on Friday. His father (who you will see in the video) has never seen his son pitch a major league game. He flies up during his vacation to cheer his son up and for the 1st time, watch him pitch a major league baseball game. As if that weren’t enough, Sanchez walked no batters. He was one error away from a perfect game of 27 batters with none reaching base. The one error came after the regular 3rd baseman was replaced. To completely appreciate this one, watch the video of the 9th inning. If, after knowing the story, then watching it, you are not rooting for Sanchez… you are dead inside.