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A Kiss Is Just A Kiss....Or Was



The brouhah over what happened the other night on the Main Street Plaza....AKA Temple Grounds, was the direct result of the stupid move by Salt Lake City selling Main Street in the first place.  Then Mayor Deedee made a deal with the LDS Church for some $8 million so she could move forward with plans that would eventually make The Gateway project possible. 

The idea of selling any part of Main Street to a private party was and still is insane.  I'TS MAIN STREET for God sake.  The story that the Church put out was that they were going to create "A Little Bit of Paris" that all could enjoy.  Is there a more romantic place on earth than Paris?

What happened on this Parisian put-on was two young gay guys walking across the plaza late on their way home and in a moment of feelings one kissed the other.  The Plaza goons immediatly decended on them and things went down hill from there.  What happened next was not unexpected and I laud former City Councilwoman Deeda Seed for promoting a kiss-in on the plaza to demonstrate the silliness of the what happened by selling a piece of Main Street to anybody.

So now you have a hundred or so people doing what these two young men did to the consternation of LDS Church security and after the throng refused to leave the police came and guess what?  Nothing happened!!! no arrests, no tickets, no manhandling and hand-cuffing or anything for that matter.  When the assembled felt they made their point everyone went home and order resumed on the sacred grounds.  The fact that you can walk on and across this section of what was Main Street is no different than cutting across somebodies lawn.  It is private property under a thin vail of public access that in reality is a restricted area subject to arbitrary rules made up by it's owners. 

Whats wrong with this whole story is that the LDS Church were within their rights to ask and remove people because it is their property.  Could they have handled it better....of course.  The problem will never go away as long as the LDS Church owns that piece of property.  Thank you Salt Lake City for helping the LDS Church to continue their Vaticanization of the downtown area and we can only imagine what shoe will drop when the City Creek Project is complete. 

You can just kiss off more individual rights I am sure.