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Married? "What do you mean by that?"



The 2010 census is coming up and who knew that gay marriage it would pose such a problem for the Census Bureau.  They are in a bit of a snit not knowing what to do when trying to count married couples as there is no precedent.  In 2000 there were no legal same-sex married people because no states allowed such a union.  Today there are 6 states that allow same-sex marriages even though the federal Defense of Marriage Act in now in place and defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Boy did that piece of legislation solve alot.

President Obama's Administration now extends some job benefits to gay partners of federal workers and this Administration wants same-sex couples accurately reflected in the 2010 census.  The Census Bureau says they have been studying this turn of events for a couple of years with various groups, gay rights advocates, statisticians and lawyers.  Just what is so tough about this question?  For starters there are no requirements to show proof of marriage, divorce, single, dating, fooling around, seperated, engaged, going steady or any other status of personal situation.  Either you are married or not.  If they conducted the census in a hot night club on a Saturday night I'm willing to bet that 90% of the patrons would answer, "Not married".

To compound the problem they haven't even figured out just who is going to do the counting.  Rep. Jason (media whore) Chaffetz wants the post office to have its employees do the counting.  The Census Bureau is hiring census takers as we speak and the number of people who will have to fill out a long form asking all kinds of silly questions is still a mystery. 

Lets make this easy.  We have the technology with Google Earth and the like.  Lets pick a day and ask everybody to just stand outside of their homes, offices, tents, shelters, cars whatever and hold up their hands as our spy satelite's pass over head and let technology do the counting.  These satelites are so powerful they can even tell if you're wearing a wedding ring or not.

Your welcome!