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TV Tonight: Miami Social



To paraphrase Orgazmo, "Dude, I'm not gay or anything, but I like to watch Kathy Griffin on Bravo. And, you have a really nice ass."%uFFFD

Sadly, My Life on the D-List is the only thing I can stand on Bravo anymore--didn't Michael Moore have a series here years ago? Isn't it still the home to Inside the Actors' Studio? What the fuck happened? Now it's wall-to-wall Real Housewives of the Seventh Circle of Hell and NYC Prep and that gawdawful Project Runway rip-off and who knows what else they'll crap by tomorrow at 10 pm Eastern.

Here's what they've shat for tonight: Miami Social, a new docu-soap centered around a gaggle of rich assholes who drink, argue and generally make a great case for nuking the whole peninsula off the country like a wart. I'll take the Miami of Burn Notice over this shit any day.

Dare you to make it all the way through this promo: