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Missionaries, not goons



Clearly the church has a legal right to its homophobia. If polled, I imagine a majority of Americans would say the LDS church has a right to forbid same-sex kissing on its property.%uFFFDThe legal discussion ends before it's barely begun.

A sharper question raised by the Jones/Aune detentions is whether the church ought to act with peace and tolerance toward peaceful homosexuals. I quote John Taylor, "the defender of the faith" and the LDS church's third president. Taylor went into hiding and faced violence because of his sexual choices - Taylor had 12 wives - shortly after breathing the following words:

"What would you do? Would you resent these outrages and break the heads of the men engaged in them? No, avoid them just as you would wolves or snakes. But no breaking of heads, no blood shed, rendering evil for evil. Let us try to cultivate the spirit of the gospel." (watch the whole video here)

Can I get an Amen?!

What would Jesus do? Regardless of Jesus's%uFFFDviews on homosexuality, he would not intimidate, wrist-tie and wrestle with Jones/Aune, breaking their skin - and at least temporarily - their pride. Someone at Temple Square security needs to review the Sermon on the Mount.

Jones/Aune peacefully - if angrily? - refused for a moment - or two, or five -%uFFFDto leave Main St. Plaza. That's a great opportunity to share the gospel with them.%uFFFD I can't speak for Jones/Aune, but I%uFFFDwould rather discuss the Mormon faith on Main St. Plaza than with some white-shirt, name-tagged missioanry duo at my door step.%uFFFD