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No Soup for the Tiger



More proof that golf is not a sport...

In a real sport, a 60 year old man does not kick the ass of the supposed #1 player in the world.

In a real sport, the “best” player in the world does not finish in the bottom half of the field of “athletes.”

In a real sport, the “greatest player of our time” would not finish behind 74 other players, and not qualify to play in a major tournament. All of those things happened today though, as Tiger Woods did not make the cut for the PGA/British Open. A big to-do in the golf world. Why?… because it has only happened twice to the Tiger. Are you kidding me? This happened once already?

If he were a baseball player, he would be sent back down to the minor leagues. Oh wait, never mind… baseball is a sport.

Also, in a real sport, you don’t cry when a cameraman “screws up your swing” (actual photo.) In a real sport, that’s called dealing with the pressure of competition.

Once again… golf is a game, not a sport. Just like pool, checkers and poker.

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