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Flower Power



I'm not suggesting that anything like the Kent State horror will occur on the Main Street Plaza but if these protests or "kiss-in's" become a weekly event, I wonder just how long it will be before the LDS Church enlists the help of the Utah National Guard to quell this......ah.....er...unwelcome behavior?

With Jon Huntsman boarding his slow boat to China, we will have Gary Herbert as "Commander-in-Chief" of the Guard. This will boad well for the goon squad that now patrols and the Guard is obviously needed as the SLCPD refused to do any head knocking and batton wielding at this mornings "Love-in". 

Be forwarned all you cooing, kissing, conoodling, hand-holding, lovebirds or politicians-in-heat.  The troops might just show up at your next gathering and shoving a flower into the barrel of their M-16's won't save you.  Repent or else!