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TV Tonight: Torchwood



“Season 3” of British sci-fi series Torchwood is but five episodes, running each night this week and ending on Friday, July 24--the true definition of miniseries. --- If a five-episode season sounds stingy, geeks, contrast and compare with the news that Futurama may be using cheaper voice actors when it returns on Comedy Central. Bad news, everyone!

Still, it’s better than no Torchwood at all, and the team (what’s left of them, anyway: Cap'n Harkness, Gwen and Ianto) is facing--of course--the biggest threat to the human race yet, imaginatively-named alien invaders The 456 (no relation to Japanese garage band The 5678s). They want 10 percent of Earth’s children or they’ll exterminate the planet, which is completely acceptable: Take 30 percent of the little bastards! Plenty more where those came from--try Sandy.

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