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Is it In Yet?


1 comment
Of course I am talking about the LeBron dunk video. Get your mind out of the gutter. What kind of jerk would stoop to the high school sex line to talk about sports? ---

The only thing more over hyped than the “Temple Square Kiss” incident is the “Confiscated LeBron Dunk” incident. At least now we know what happened at the latter, and that is… not much. The fact is after seeing this video, if this made LeBron so insecure that he or Nike had the tape confiscated, makes them the biggest douche quintet on the planet. This is nothing, not even a good dunk and nothing to be embarrassed about for even a second... also, the kid is still in college, and LeBron is still the most famous over hyped, over rated player in NBA history.

I haven’t been this disappointed in a video since Paris Hilton’s pathetic attempt at fellatio.

Yawn. Rinse. Repeat.