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The Booze Quota


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It's not death and taxes that are the only sure things in life.  It is death, taxes and liquor issues in Utah. ---

I didn't even have to put on my Carnac head dress and cape to be able to divine what would happen regarding the quota system that is used to determine the number of liquor licenses that would be available to full service restaurants. 

Following yesterdays DABC meeting there remains only 4 licenses available for the entire state.  Unless somebody goes out of business or dies there won't be any more available.  Commission Chairman Sam Granato railed after the meeting that the quota system makes no sense and should be abolished the same way private clubs had.

Granato made it plain that there is no sane reason to expect someone to invest half a million dollars, or even 4 or 5 million in a project without any assurance or even chance to aquire a license to serve alcohol to their customers.

The door to even a debate in the upcoming legislative session on this issue was slammed shut by the same tool who tried his best to thwart Gov Huntsman from pushing through legislation getting rid of private clubs.  Senate President Mike Waddoups R-(retard), Taylorsville said there was little appetite among legislators to increased quotas.

Waddoups won't even discuss the need for a quota system in the first place much less talk about the needs of the state.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, just wait until the City Creek project is completed.  Any bets on how many restaurants will want to get involved without being able to get a license to serve adult beverages?