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Mo' Conservative Than You!



Utah Policy Daily’s Bryan Schott reported that a new Pew study finds Mormons identify themselves as conservative more so than any other religion out there.--- With 65 percent of LDS folks identifying as republican compared overall to only 35 percent of the general population.

The Pew survey also presents other interesting tidbits about the saints like that 61 percent of Mormons have some college education compared to roughly half the general population. And interestingly only 24 percent of the LDS respondents say they share their beliefs with nonbelievers and those of other faiths at least once a week. Being totally dominated on the casual proselytizin' by Jehovah’s Witnesses, with 76 percent of their members sharing their view once a week or more.

Go figure—but I think I would contest that response. Hell, there’s parts of Utah County a self-respecting heathen can’t even drive through without getting somebody to bear their testimony too em.’ But I digress…