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New local liquor available next week


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Like a field of bright-fuscia yucca plants in the foothills of the Henry Mountains, wine, liquor and beer production sprouts in this Deseret desert in beautiful and unexpected ways.

According to to this Standard-Examiner article, Utah now has two local liquor distilleries. The first was Park City's High West Distillery, which makes whiskey; Ogden's Own Distillery is the second and will distill an anise-flavored competitor to Jagermeister and Ouzo.


Even though I don't love Jager - sweet liquor makes me barfy - the Standard's Jeff Demoss describes the Ogden distillery's first product, Underground, in such a way that I want to try a shot or few.

The first statewide shipment of [Underground], a corn-based, 80-proof concoction flavored with licorice, anise, caramel and other natural flavors, is expected to start showing up on the shelves of liquor stores this week.

Apparently the locally-distilled liquor market has grown slower than local wine or beer, and not just here in Utah. However, local liquor in the U.S. is growing, according to Bill Owens, of the American Distilling Institute. Owens told Demoss that most distilleries have a grow-slow model because they just want to "sell local, use local ingredients, employ local people and just be part of the local community."


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