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Hippies, join the revolt!



A coalition of conservatives who want unfettered access to public lands reach out to the non-motorized set. ---

This Saturday, Take Back Utah will host a rally at the State Capitol, demanding that their rights to use public lands be restored.  As their arguments go, the "radicals" have seized control of those lands, preventing them from recreating and mining on those lands.  Now, this "grassroots" effort is fighting the good fight for everyone, or at the very least, for their supporters, which include the Farm Bureau, sportsmen's groups, ATV and snowmobile organizations, and conservative political organizations. Oh, and multiple energy groups, such as the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States.

Their speakers read like a local list of right-wing politicians, with performances from people like David Osmond.  This rally is also part of a larger, national effort, which was lambasted this week by the Obama Administration, so expect a solid crowd to show up for the fun.

What will be interesting, however, is to see if one of the invited groups makes much of an appearance: mountain bikers. Take Back Utah has put out an urgent call to them, warning that they are also going to lose access to public lands.  At first blush, this seems like an odd pairing, since most of the mountain bikers I know seem to fall on the opposite end of the political spectrum as those leading the TBU charge.  But who knows?  Maybe TBU members will break out the peace granola.