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Mad Men S.3 Preview


If you're not aware of the Sunday, Aug. 16 season premiere of Mad Men, you might actually be living in the '60s. Proof that AMC has spared no expense: There's even a recurring banner ad here on! Hot damn! ---

AMC's Mad Men Yourself app is so cool even I made one (that's me, right), and the general online push for the new season is easily the most aggressive for any network outside of Showtime or HBO. But, has anyone actually seen any of Season 3 yet, even just the first episode?

Apparently not: All the doughy TV critics attending the Television Critics Association press tour (I'm not there because, 1. I work for a living, and B. the TCA is a bunch of creaky old assholes who don't recognize CW as a "real publication," so fuck 'em) have to blog about is getting blown off by Jon Hamm and how skinny January Jones has become. If the preview screener I requested from AMC actually shows up before next week, I'll be as shocked as if Christina Hendricks (mrrow) herself delivered it.

These preview trailers (pretty much just Season 2 clips) tell us two things: Change is constant on Mad Men, and not even someone as slippery-cool as Don Draper can always keep up. And, there's a whole lotta sex: