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TV Tonight: Bollywood Hero


While I still have my doubts that IFC's Bollywood Hero is going to be able to sustain itself over three hours, last night's introductory 60 minutes was funny, solid and mostly true to the spirit of actual Bollywood musicals. --- Also, Keanu Reeves' brief scene reading off his IMDB list of films at a charity function (for "wolfman disease") was nearly as hilarious as star Chris Kattan's entire self-mocking performance.

Tonight, Bollywood Hero continues with Part 2 (Part 3 airs Saturday; the miniseries will repeat in its entirety back-to-back-to-back on Monday, Aug. 10--during the daytime, TiVoers), as Kattan has to make amends for publicly kissing his costar (taboo!) and get the movie back on track. Can Hour 2 match the bar set by Hour 1? Only if we still get Maya Rudolph.

The Bollywood Hero trailer (top), plus outtakes of Reeves cracking himself up (bottom).

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