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TV Tonight: Better Off Ted


It's been preempted by everything from The Bachelorette to Barack Obama (neither of whom are even 'Merican) for weeks, but tonight is finally the season finale of ABC's Better Off Ted--a whole hour, to boot! ---

Better Off Ted, an office-place comedy set inside amoral multinational conglomerate Veridian Dynamics (who are “100 percent confident that nothing is impossible some of the time”), is pretty much ABC's last sitcom standing--if you don't count Scrubs, which no one does. Not coincidentally, it's also the network's only new series that's actually improved over time instead of turning to shit (wither Dirty Sexy Money, et al). Sometimes, it almost matches The Office for too-close-to-home, cringe-worthy corporate laughs; other times, it goes nearly as weird and awkward as Arrested Development (Portia De Rossi co-stars, BTW). All of the time, it's funnier than anything else on ABC--which ain't a stretch.

From a previous episode; we have a similar problem with the air-conditioning at City Weekly ...