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When birthers attack


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Armed with a video camera, two "birthers" continue their crusade with Hatch and Bennett.---

Utah's two senators were accosted recently by two "birthers," who asked them questions about "natural-born citizens" and whether both parents have to be American citizens for a person to be a citizen.  If nothing else, they are passionate for their cause, which generally encourages elected officials (and others, often including journalists) to simply listen to their plea, answer blandly, and disappear quickly.

Hatch's interview essentially takes that tact, although he goes a step further by saying the law should be looked at because it is being abused by "illegal aliens."  He also agrees to have his Constitutional attorneys investigate the law, although he never gives any indication that he actually buys into the claim that Obama was not born in Hawaii.

As opposed to Hatch, who answers as if he is facing a serious re-election campaign, the senator who actually is facing serious challengers engages and even argues with the "birther" duo. He tells them immediately that Obama is a real citizen, he points out that he had a passport (which requires a birth certificate), and tells them that "you're on a crusade that's wrong."  At one point, he dumbfounds the interviewer by telling him Hawaii is releasing, yet again, the birth certificate -- at which point the guy instantly seems to lose all faith in the cause.  Luckily, the even more passionate woman behind the camera takes up the interview reins.  Not so luckily, it results in the very tall Bennett looming over the apparently short woman (it's at the very end of the clip, so stick with it).

Also at the end of the clip, the woman asks Bennett if any of his children or grandchildren play basketball, which seems to be a question related to his height.  Except then the woman dovetails it into them also needing to provide a birth certificate to play sports.  Umm... no. I don't think playing any level of sports requires citizenship, although some might contend that you should lose your citizenship if you play soccer (not me, but others).