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Boys Will be Boys



Red Sox fans don’t understand baseball… ---

For that matter neither does Tigers pitcher, Rick Porcello… and maybe Kevin Youkilis doesn’t either.

Ok, most fans don’t understand baseball. It’s an unwritten rule. You hit one of our players, we hit one of yours. In this case, both players were wrong. The Red Sox hit the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera, so the Tigers hit the Red Sox’ Youkilis. The problem is pitcher Rick Porcello hit Youkilis after throwing at and missing Red Sox’ Victor Martinez. You throw, you miss, it’s over. You can’t throw at every batter until you plunk someone. Not to mention, the Tigers hit Youkilis the day before in retaliation.

Youkilis should be suspended for charging the mound and throwing his helmet.

That’s a rule everyone knows. Grow up and learn the unwritten rules, boys.