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Get Pissed


Over the weekend I finally got around to giving the new Pissed Jeans a proper listen, just in time to encourage ya'll to pick up King of Jeans when it hits stores tomorrow.--- Pissed Jeans are just four regular dudes making raw, heavy noise rock that's sloppy and fun, especially live thanks to lead singer Matt Korvette's animated, strange car-wreck of a stage presence. He writhes around, jumps and strolls lazily across stage (usually shirtless), gripping the microphone and nearly swallowing it whole or using it as an extra appendage as a wall of punk sound crashes around him. The concert experience is nearly captured on their third full-length release (second on Sub Pop) which is perfect for listening to in the car on late-night drives. Roll down the window and pump your fist in the air, screaming, "Well I could put on a nice tight black shirt, but I don't bother - but I don't bother!"