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Douchebag Boyfriend



You know the guy. Liar, full of shit, always changing his story… ---

That’s Brett Favre. He’s the douchebag boyfriend who continually cheats on his girlfriend. Lie after lie, story changes every other day, and the dumb-ass girlfriend keeps taking him back… and gives him money.

The dumb-ass girlfriend is the Minnesota Vikings, who after months of the lying, unprofessional, story changing, over rated team killer, gave Favre $12 million dollars to fuck up their team just like he did to Green Bay & the NY Jets.

If Favre were a horse, they would have shot him by now. If he were a boxer, he would have his license revoked, and if he were a wall street hustler, he would be in jail.

Congrats Minnesota, you just became the latest stupid tramp in the bar that screwed the idiot jock loser. Your doctor should be treating your std in about 2 months.