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"Last Call"


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We knew this day was coming....."Last call"---

The Chairman of the Liquor Commission, Sam Granato, has been warning us for months that the quota system the state of Utah uses to determine how many liquor licenses should exist would create a problem for the states economic development. The state liquor license quota system makes no sense and never did. 1 license for every 5,000 something residents in the whole state. It doesn't matter about where the need is or how many establishments would survive, just some ridiculus quota.

Utah is about to run out of licenses tomorrow and unless the Octomom or the Osmonds have an other round of off spring, you can forget about any upscale or chain eateries locating in the state.  Gee, what great timing too with Mayor Becker wanting to expand the places where you could enjoy an adult beverage downtown.

Lets just see who will have the courage to bring up the dreded "L" word in the up coming Legislative session.

Utah's views on liquor are stupid and now that Huntsman has bailed I think we are screwed.