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Rock Tonight: Steel Panther



Thursday's Twilight Concerts get all the ink, but Wednesdays at the Gallivan Center are nearly as packed--with metalheads, dude. Last week's Lacuna Coil show for Wednesday Rocks (put on by 97.5 The Blaze, Utah's unkillable rock station) was a veritable ocean of black tees, long hair and bedazzled belly shirts. For tonight's set by Steel Panther ... dare we even ask? ---

For those not in the comedy-rawk know, Steel Panther is an L.A. mock-metal band who've made hundreds of hysterical radio appearances and a scene-stealing cameo on IFC's Z-Rock recently. They're also the original mentors to SLC favorites The Metal Gods, who've held down Thursdays at Liquid Joe's for, like, 1,339 weeks now.

As with the M-Gods, not everyone is aware that it's a well-played gag--they think it's a real '80s hair-metal band here to save the music from whiny Hot Topic victims in skinny jeans and anime hair. And really, can you blame 'em?

Despite the tongues planted firmly in cheeks (and god knows where else), Steel Panther can really play this shit--observe (watch for Sarah Silverman at the end of clip 1):

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