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Beer for Becker, Whine for Waddoups



Mayor Ralph (The party animal) Becker is bound and determined to make Salt Lake City act and look like big cities in America.---

He wants a major overhaul of the cities booze ordinances to allow more bars, pubs and the like in areas that have not had them before.%uFFFDHe also wants to get rid of the incredibly stupid rule of no more than 2 bars per block. Becker also wants the State to stay out of local issues where it doesn't belong.%uFFFD Lots of luck when the issue is booze.%uFFFD

Senate President, and anti-alcohol nut, Mike Waddoups said of Beckers idea, "Sounds%uFFFDto me like they're just trying to get more alcohol outlets in the city. I don't see how that's a good idea".%uFFFD Waddoups said that his office is in the 9th and 9th area and%uFFFDhe doesn't want%uFFFDbars there.%uFFFD "We're better off with a Wendy's than another bar".

I think we can make Waddoups and Becker happy.....just grant Wendy's a liquor license and while Waddoups cloggs up his artries I can have a beer!%uFFFD