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The Best Damn Tyra Show, Period


Ellen DeGeneres as the new American Idol judge? Couldn't care less. Obama's health-care variety show/smackdown? Meh. The most important news in TV yesterday was about Tyra Banks' period. ---

Yes, Miss Thang dedicated an entire episode of the Tyra Banks Show (which airs locally weekday afternoons on CW 30) to that monthly visit from Aunt Flo--and damned if it wasn't her most informative ep, like, ever.

Think CW 30 was, er, flooded with complaints about such "adult" content on the TV box at 4 in the afternoon? Think of The Children! They shouldn't be exposed to this information until they're at least 25--and boys, never. They should remain terrified of the swimsuit area for reasons of Eternal Damnation, not The Curse.

In case you missed it, please to enjoy Tyra's bloody fun afternoon playhouse:

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