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TV Sunday: True Blood & Hung


Sunday, Sept. 13 will be a bittersweet night for HBO: On one hand, it's the season finale for their most successful drama in years; on the other, it's the season finale for their most successful drama in years. --- Curb Your Enthusiasm and new comedy Bored to Death begin Sept. 20, but on the drama front, it's a looong stretch: Big Love ain't back until January. Looks like Showtime's Dexter (returning Sept. 27) has a free ride into the winter.

Still, HBO is finally back in Hitsville with True Blood, and Hung has performed turgidly in the ratings, as well (that’s not the last of the dick jokes). Likely because True Blood has gone completely over-the-top in Season 2, amping up the sex, violence and capital-A Acting to sensory-overload levels--sorry, ladies, but if Stephen Moyer played vampire Bill any more like a cartoon he’d be Cajun Count Chocula. In the season finale, Mistress of Evil Maryann (Michelle Forbes) is on the brink of subsuming the town of Bon Temps in an orgy of blood and Acting, and only Sam (Sam Trammell) can stop her--perhaps by shape-shifting into Hung’s man ’ho Ray Drecker, if you get my drift.

In the first-season closer of Hung, Ray (Thomas Jane) is caught in a Battle of the She-Pimps for control of his massive, throbbing business. Who said it’s a downward economy?

Here's your typically vague and pretty season-ender trailer for True Blood--with Depeche Mode!

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