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Sick?....Don't call 911, call the A. G.!



Where do I start with my outrage about the lying, sniggling, fudging, nitpicking asswipes who hate Obama?---

I watched the Presidents speech in the joint session of Congress the other know the one where Joe (the dickhead) Wilson, R-retard yelled at Obama, "You lie".  Obama gave a couple of examples of how the system as it is now treats customers who have bought and paid for insurance or have tried to buy insurance.  First case was of a man who was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and in the middle of his treatment had his insurance canceled.

Michael Medved, Talk Show host, tried to counter Obama's stories by saying that the man who had his insurance canceled in the middle of his chemotherapy had the Attorney General of his state intervene and the insurance company "promptly" reinstated his insurance.  This was Medved's way of calling Obama a liar.  Implying that the patient got his chemo treatments renewed.

So according to Medved, everyone who has the rug pulled out from your health insurance by the company you covered with because they decide that you are getting too expensive for them, just call the Attorney General of your state and see if he will intervene on your behalf.

Are you fucking kidding me?  I'm suffering a major illness and my insurance company throws me over board I have to call Mark Shurtleff and beg him to get my insurance back???  I used to have respect for Michael Medved as he seemed to be one of the more intelligent and honest of the right-wing Talk Show Hosts across America, but with this attempt to rebut Obama's story during his address with this lame explaination, I have no respect for Medved anymore.  He is just as big a dick head as the rest of the screeming gas-bags.

For what it's worth, why isn't health care a right in America?  We seem to have a right to police, fire, military, freeways, sewer, water, electricity, garbage pickup, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, street lighting, stop signs and signals, rail road tracks, parks and wildlife refuges.  You can keep the list going on for some time but I'm too pissed off to continue, much less make sure that I didn't misspell something or create typo's.  All you assholes protesting in the streets can take your teabags and shove them up your ass.  Where were you when Bush was shreading the Constitution and spending this countries future as well as getting thousands of American and untold Iraqis killed???