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Weekend Live Picks! Pre-Fall Edition


Monday brings the official start of fall - one step closer to ROCKTOBER! Celebrate the end of summer with some tasty live tunes. Recommended shows are as follows:---

Tonight, The Fully Blown will debut their new album, Threesome in Sparta. Recorded by local sound guru Mike Sasich who helped crank out some of the tightest Utah albums in recent memory (Andale!, Bronco, The Rubes). His golden touch is all over the LP whose steady speed makes for some primo workout/party fuel. It charts a familiar, appealing trajectory with dueling chainsaw guitars and Joel Elder’s gruff, slightly off-key vocals staying the course throughout its lucky 13 tracks. It’s good and hearty like a cup of Dinty Moore stew. Eat up. The Woodshed, 60 E. 800 South, 9 p.m.

Kilby Court Fest kicked off last night and continues through the weekend with Friday's lineup Loom (tour send-off), Vile Blue Shades, Ether, Accidente, followed Saturday with Tolchock Trio, Future of the Ghost, Palace of Buddies, Birthquake, The Spins. This event is an ideal way to get to know homegrown talent and the people who support it. Where else, after all, can you catch artists like Grizzly Bear before they pop on Jay Z's radar?

Saturday, hit up Hip Hop For Charity. After spending much of the summer pounding Western and Midwestern pavement, members of the 4 O’Clock Shadow Tour—Dumb Luck, YZE, Pat Maine, KonSICKwence, and Pig Pen—are shifting their attention to their own backyard with a concert to generate funds for local underprivileged families. The road warriors will be joined by some of Utah’s hardest-working emcees including Big Al, Ortega, OSH the Wizard, Definition, Melvin Junko, Spitso of the Soul Shakers, Smash Brothas, The Bad Apples, Definit and Dusk of Mindstate. Each of the artists will have 15 minutes to demonstrate their skills. Arrive on time to catch all of the action. Five Monkeys, 7 E. 4800 South, Murray, 9 p.m.

Also Saturday around noon, Bronco will serenade organic/local-friendly shoppers at SLC's Downtown Farmer's market (300 S. 300 West). Help make this the second-biggest gig the Utah rockers have played to date.

After you've stocked up on fresh produce, head over to Slowtrain for College Day. Students, stop by with your valid student ID and get 20% off your entire purchase!! Other goodies are on tap, but don't take my word for it. 221 E. Broadway

Finish up the weekend at Murray Theater for the Sunny Day Real Estate reunion show - it might just help you get pumped for 2010's much-hyped Pavement gigs.

The pioneering group's 1994 Sub Pop debut Diary recently enjoyed a remaster/reissue along with its follow-up (and partial cause of the band’s dissolution) LP2. Before emo and its snarling cousin Screamo infiltrated Top 40 and gave the genre a bad name, Jeremy Enigk and Co. married elements of hardcore with sensitive, angst-ridden lyrics delivered in a tortured whisper-to-a-scream. When SDRE split in 1995, two members joined Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters and Enigk went solo, temporarily getting part of the group back together for two releases, though bassist Nate Mendel says there was still “unfinished business.” Murray Theater, 4959 S. State, 7 p.m. All-ages. Tickets: 24Tix.com