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"Dancing With The Indicted"



Thankfully my wife is out of town so I won't have to fight over MNF VS Dancing With The Stars.---

For starters, the show's title is bogus as I don't consider hardly any of the participants as stars.  O.K. I'll give you Donny Osmond but Tom Delay?  Are you kidding me?  What nitwit producer in a meeting trying to come up with a lineup of stars to have on said out of the blue, "Hey I know,  lets get disgraced, under indictmtment Tom Delay?" 

Maybe he thought because he was known in Congress as "The Hammer", this dufus thought he was like M.C. Hammer!!

What next, "Dancing With Parolees".  Dancing With Guys Out On Bail"  "Dancing With Bernie Madoff Victims".  Why not have different dancers every week for a series of "Dancing With Unemployeed Auto Workers?"