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Malice at the Palace



Ahhhh the Cowboys. Seems that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spent another obscene amount of money on “Opening Night at Cowboys Stadium” --- Jerry’s billion dollar pet project “Jerry World” stadium featured everything from $75 parking on grass, to cage dancers on the stadium pillars.

Jerry also invited former President George W. Bush, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and plenty of other celebs to the opening NFL ceremony at the Boss Hog Bowl in order to break an NFL record for attendance, which he did… 105,121. Problem was, The NY Giants were not on board. They went ahead and beat the Cowboys anyway, figuring that winning was more important than putting on a good show.

Afterwards, Cowboys QB Tony Romo and head coach (for now) Wade Phillips both opined at how sorry they felt for Jerry because he didn’t win the game on opening night at Jonestown. Sorry for Jerry?

Here’s a fact check, boys. Cowboys stadium has 12,000 parking spots, and Jerry sold 105 thousand tickets. Parking spots average $40 a whack, totaling $480,000 for parking. Add to that probably 103 of the 105,000 paid an average of $84 a ticket… for a door take of $8,652,000. That’s over 9 million without counting concessions and merchandise.

Being conservative, Jerry’s Deathstar brought him over $10 million dollars in 1 night.

Still feel his pain?