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TV Tonight: The Good Wife & The Forgotten


Last year, Christian Slater had a pretty good series called My Own Worst Enemy on NBC--of course, it was canceled. Ditto, Julianna Margulies and Canterbury's Law on Fox, also canceled. Can they catch a break this season? ---

Tonight, Margulies debuts in The Good Wife on CBS: The story of the wife of a disgraced/dethroned senator (Chris Noth) working to rebuild her family and her old career as a defense attorney. Margulies carries this better and more sympathetically than she did in the caustic Canterbury’s Law, and The Good Wife is smarter than most of the rest of the CBS drama schedule--especially The Mentalist, which this has displaced from Tuesdays.

On the other end of the Crap Stick at 9, Slater is stuck in The Forgotten, more filler from the Jerry Bruckheimer crime-show grinder, doing his passable Jack Nicholson as the leader of a team taking on unsolved crimes with unidentified victims--it’s Without a Trace of a Cold Case, a CBS knock-off that somehow wound up on ABC. For this we lost The Unusuals? In the trailer below, observe Rupert-Penry Jones in the role that was later taken over by Slater, and just imagine RPJ's relief ...