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"Gay?.....we can fix that"



Here.....take two of these and call a hooker in the morning, you'll be fine.---

Two steps forward and one giant leap backwards.%uFFFD I don't know how else to describe what the message that LDS General Authority Bruce C. Hafen gave as he spoke to this sexual flat earth society, Evergreen International recently.

I'm sure that Mr. Hafen means well but when he says that being homosexual is not a part of our DNA and people who exhibit same sex attraction can be "fixed", I have to wonder where these insane ideas come from?%uFFFD Mr. Hafen is not a scientist but a lawyer, teaching law at BYU for years.%uFFFD

He spoke to this Ever-stupid group denouncing the American Psychological Associations conclusions that "reparative therapy" is a joke and can do more harm than good.%uFFFD The%uFFFD Association has studied this extensivly and made their conclusions based on these studies without prejudice or bias.%uFFFD It is just a fact that some people can't seem to get through their thick skulls that some people are homosexual and some are heterosexual......then there are some who fall in between these two lables.

Apparently sex is not black and white.%uFFFDFor some it is a little more complicated than it is for others.%uFFFD I, for one, have no misgivings about my heterosexuality.%uFFFD Now there are those like Mr. Hafen who think sexual preference is a choice.%uFFFD I ask him, when did you choose?%uFFFD How long did you contemplate the question.%uFFFD Was it tough for you?%uFFFD Did you sample all items on the plate before deciding which way to go?%uFFFD I don't mean to be disrespectful but when you open up this can of worms you open yourself to be called on your position and how you got there.

I interviewed Gayle Ruzka once on the issue and asked her point blank,%uFFFD"When did you chose?"%uFFFD She said, "On her wedding night".%uFFFD I about fell off my chair.%uFFFD This was a short conversation as I could see it going nowhere.%uFFFD

Dare to ask any of these sexual-flat-earthers the question about when they chose%uFFFDyou find yourself going down the rabbit hole without a flashlight.%uFFFD %uFFFD