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"Put the toy down and slowly back away"



How in the hell did we all survive the endless garage sales up until now?---

Now it can be told that we must be completely safe from foreign invaders, climage change, (global warming), Iran, North Korea, Swine flu and any number of other real and percieved enemy's of the state.  How do I know this?  Simple, the government is now targeting GARAGE SALES as the enemy.

It has been reported, although not widely by the "Liberal Government Controled Media", that there is something called the Resale Roundup.  The Feds are going to, or have secretly been, cracking down on garage sales, church bazaars, fundraising campaigns that involve the selling of stuff.  You are moving and want to unload a house load of stuff that you have cluttering up your attic, basement, garage whatever.  The Feds are concerned that those old toys that your kids have had and out grown years ago might pose a hazzard to the new owners because when you bought them you didn't know that they could be killers, or may have been subject to recall years later.

It makes you wonder if the Fed is going around to all garage sales and the like and testing all that crap you have spread on card tables on your lawn.  I would be wary of any shoppers who look like secret service personnel.  You could be subject to fines of $100,000.00 up to $15 million.  Happy shopping!