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All the Ladies in the House



I try not to make fun of the WNBA… ---

For several reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that I have been schooled to the hoop by my friend Mary Tebbs.

The WNBA is in the midst of its 2009 Finals between Phoenix and Indiana. One problem is that they are still on this best of 5 series. Step it up and go best of 7 just like the men. It would give it more legitimacy, and you can’t tell me 1 or 2 more games is too much for the likes of Diana Taurasi.

My real problem? The jerseys. The Phoenix Mercury and LifeLock have struck a marketing deal for the first-ever branded jersey in WNBA or NBA history. Yes that’s right, the “Lifelock” logo is on the front of the jersey. Weak, unprofessional and well… NASCAR. Big mistake by the WNBA brain trusts. Next thing you know, the New York Liberty will be called the New York “P-Diddys.” It’s akin to the “Joe’s Deli” that most of us sported on the back of our little league T-shirt/uniforms.

WNBA Finals continue on ESPN 2, Thursday @7pm. Phoenix is up 1-0 in the series.