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Kid Theodore Wants YOU


Utah natives Kid Theodore up and left us for the bright lights of Los Angeles, but they'll be back next week for two homecoming shows Oct. 9 and 10. Stay tuned for a more detailed update on these events. In the meantime, get ready for your close-up. The band is shooting a video for one of their catchy pop tunes. Here's the skinny:---

Help us make a music video! "I Am A Moth" needs a music video and you just might be the star.

The Idea: We want tons of footage of random people singing/starring in I Am A Moth. (Gender doesn't matter). We're going to use all of this footage to make a montage video that should turn out very home-brewed and fun to watch.

Instructions: Grab your camera. It doesn't have to be HD. The higher the quality the better but we want anyone and everyone to feel like they can participate. Play the song on a stereo and film yourself or someone else lip-syncing or singing along with the song. Then send us the video file. Make sure your lips are in sync with the song so it looks like you're the one singing it.

BE CREATIVE: We're probably not going to be able to use everyone's submitted footage, but the more creative you are the more likely we are to choose your footage. Film your grandma singing a verse, film yourself in a majestic location singing, stand in the middle of a pond, sing underwater in the bathtub, etc.

Please send us your video footage by November 1st 2009 to We will start editing November 2nd. Your file will most likely be huge. is a great free program for both macs and pc's for sending large files.

If you don't already own the song you can download it from iTunes, or

Have fun.

Here's one of their previous videos from the album Hello Rainey