"Top 10 signs you work for David Letterman" | Buzz Blog
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"Top 10 signs you work for David Letterman"



"Is the boss in yet?"---

10.  Your hair always has that freshly fucked look.

9.    The zipper on your skirt is in front.

8     Your underwear is hanging out of your purse.

7.    Your ring tone is, "Let's do it in the road".

6.    You get an extra week off if your on your period.

5.    World Wide Pants is your nickname.

4.    You get two canned hams for Christmas

3.    You have a tab at the "Hello Deli" that you never have to cover.

2.    You have to keep saying to Paul Schaffer, "Don't even think about it".

1.    You have strange shaped hickey's from somebody who has a gap in there front teeth.