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St. Louis Rams property of Limbaugh/Checketts!



Tell me again why we taxpayers coughed up so much dough to build a soccer stadium in Sandy?---

The latest from the world of high finance sports ripoffs puts Dave Checketts and Rush Limbaugh in bed together firmly attached at the wallet.  Or somebody's wallet.  You heard right...Dave Checketts is partnering with that bloated drug addict Limbaugh to buy the St. Louis Rams of the NFL.

All this time I thought that Checketts was low on cash, thats why he needed the state, county and city of Sandy to help him build the Rio Tinto soccer stadium.  Well and I, built him his stadium so now he can snuggle up with Limbaugh and come up with enough dough to buy the St. Louis Rams valued around $960 Million.

Limbaugh is a big sports fan and even worked for a couple of weeks on ESPN's Sports Center until his racist comments got his ass fired.  He recently signed a new contract for 8 years and $400 Million bucks. Just the kind of guy Checketts likes.  My question is will the NFL approve the sale of the team to the likes of Limbaugh.  Who am I kidding, it's all about money and my guess is they will move the team to L. A.  and arm twist the city to build them a Billion $ stadium complex.  I wonder if Checketts will promise to build a surrounding multi use complex of stores, shops, restaurants, cafe's and business's that will revitalize the city like he did in Sandy?

Where's Peter Corroon when you need him?