"Joe the Plumber is coming and not a flush too soon" | Buzz Blog
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"Joe the Plumber is coming and not a flush too soon"



If there was ever a bizzaroland, politics is it.%uFFFD Who in their right mind would hire Joe the Plumber to campaign for them?---

Apparently U.S. Senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar%uFFFDchallengeing Sen. Bob Bennett for his seat would.%uFFFD Joe the Plumber was thrust into the spotlight of politics when he questioned then candidate Obama about his statement regarding "Spread the wealth around"

Desperate Republicans jumped at the chance to make this supposed everyday guy a symbol of what America is and paint Obama as a socialist.%uFFFD Come to find out that his name isn't Joe and he is not a licensed plumber.%uFFFD Samual Joseph Wurzelbacher is his name and he worked for a plumbing company but is not a licensed plumber.%uFFFD No matter, during the debates John McCain refered to and quoted Wurzelbacher about 25 times making him a house hold word.%uFFFD You put Joe the Plumber next to Sarah Palin and you have a couple of the best examples of what is so screwed up about American politics.%uFFFD

Cherilyn%uFFFDEager is going to use this guy as a fund raising tool in several appearances around the state.%uFFFD I think she could draw a bigger crowd if she would just hire a bicycle riding bear wearing a cowboy hat.%uFFFD There would be no loss in I.Q. and the show would be more enlightening. If nothing else, Cherilyn could get her toilet inclogged which might help her campaign more than any speech "Joe" might make