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More Talk Radio? Jesus Christ!


Salt Lake City's radio market has been over-saturated with terrible, repetitive music stations for years--but now it's happening with talk. Everybody's got a moralizing yap-show now, even the Savior: You can tune into The Jesus Christ Show Sunday mornings on the new Freedom 570 AM. But more on that in a moment. ---

Talk radio in Salt Lake City is pretty much All Conservative, All the Time, or simply lame. Hell, even Phil Hendrie's on a St. George station. Your desolate weekdays:

KSL 102.7/1160: Grant & Amanda (inconsequential fluff, delivered as though you're 8), Doug Wright (smarmy game-show host dishing out "issues" as though you're 8), Sean Hannity (unhinged bullshit artist making millions off of outright misinformation and "Patriotism"--on The Lord's Station), then a whole lotta traffic. On the weekends, these geniuses gave Enid Green her own show, despite having no discernible talent for radio, or much of anything else. At least there's JM Bell--for a whole hour! When there's no BYU game ...

KNRS 105.7: "Family Values Talk Radio," beginning with Bob Lonsberry (Ned Flanders incarnate, only more shrill), an hour of Glenn Beck (no need to elaborate on this guy), Rush Limbaugh (the grand poobah of GOP propaganda), Dr. Laura (more moralizing from a closet deviant), then three more hours of Glenn Beck.

KLO 1430: Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved and Michael Savage, with Dennis Miller sandwiched in there somewhere. All conservatives; none interesting enough to even merit a parenthetical note.

K-Talk 630: It's been on the air since the '60s, and has about 60 listeners. Questionable conspiracy-theory-magnet Mills Crenshaw is back on the station for the umpteenth time in three decades, which shows how shallow the local talk talent pool has become.

The new KKAT 860: Just switched from oldies to talk; now the local home to Don Imus. Yes, really.

The new "Freedom 570" AM: inherited the AM freq from KNRS; now the local home to Neal Boortz and an array of yakkers who couldn't land gigs on the other networks represented above. On Sundays, there's The Jesus Christ Show--no, JC doesn't actually take calls, but close. "The Jesus Christ Show is interactive radio theater designed to help Christians and non-Christians alike learn more about the historical person of Jesus," hosted by Neil Saavedra. Because we really need more religious education 'round here.

The rest of the several local talk stations are sports-talk, the most useless form of radio ever conceived, so they're not worth mentioning--but not because they don't cover roller derby. Partially, but not entirely.

All complete shit. This is why I listen to the podcast of KUFO Portland's Rick Emerson Show, which was The Rick Taylor Show in the '90s when SLC had (and quickly abandoned) a talk station with a vision beyond right-wing "Family Values" drivel. Fuck you very much, Salt Lake City talk radio.