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"No ID, No drink so move it along Granny!"


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I can't remember the last time I got carded.....wait, yes I can it was Sunday in Vegas.---

We all know the quirks of Utah's liquor laws and how we get the brunt of the jokes about how you can drink in Utah and they roll up the sidewalks at 9 PM.%uFFFD Well the part about rolling up the sidewalks is partially true but I can't remember the last time I was carded.%uFFFD

Coming back from SoCal this past Sunday I had the usual layover in Las Vegas and to kill time wanted to sit with a beer in a bar and watch some football.%uFFFD I went into a great Mexican bar in the airport in Vegas and sat at the bar to watch the game.%uFFFD The bartender asked what I wanted and I told him a Corona.%uFFFD He said, "I need to see your ID".%uFFFD I smiled and took out my wallet and showed him my license which sits next to my conceal carry license and my Special Deputy ID from the Salt Lake County Sheriff.%uFFFD He said I needed to take the license out of the wallet.%uFFFD So I complyed and he promptly gave me a bottle of beer and said, 'That'l be $7.02"

At this point I almost forgot why I came in this joint in the first place.%uFFFD I just might be a little out of touch.%uFFFD Is it the law that all airports card people wanting an adult beverage?%uFFFD I watched as he dutifully carded every drink order that came his way regardless of the blue hair and walkers.%uFFFD I should either travel more or drink less, but at $7.00 a bottle for beer it won't be tough to cut back!